Angler of the Year Rules

I. The Club will determine the winner on the basis of points earned by adult regular members for submitted fish entries during the designated tournaments.

II. The designated tournaments for 2016 are:

            1.      Trophy Rockfish
            2.      Flounder Bash
            3.      Cobia Classic
            4.      Spanish Lessons
            5.      Grab Bag
            6.      Octoberfest
            7.      Bonus Rockfish
III. The points will be earned by adult regular members for each species of the tournament as follows:

1st place among regular members for each targeted species                          –   4 points

2nd place among regular members for each targeted species                         –   3 points

3rd place among regular members  for each targeted species                         –   2 points

4th place and all lower positions among regular members for each targeted species        –  1 point

IV. Each fish species entered during a designated tournament by a regular member will result in the applicable points being allocated to the member’s total score. A member can earn points on only one fish per species per tournament.

V. All fish entered must be caught in accordance with all Club angling and tournament rules and all state and federal regulations.

VI. A minimum score of 12 points would be required to win the award.

VII. The regular member earning the highest number of points (12 point minimum) will be the Angler of the Year winner.

VIII. Tiebreakers:

First tiebreaker – number of 1st place finishes

Second tiebreaker – number of 2nd place finishes

Third tiebreaker – number of 3rd place finishes

If anglers are still tied after the third tiebreaker, co-winners are designated. If co-1st place winners are designated, there will be no second place award. The next highest eligible member is awarded third place. The same procedure shall be used for other position ties.

IX. In the event of any dispute or question as to the points earned or the eligibility of any entry, the decision of the Board of Directors will be final.

X. Awards.

Prizes will be gift cards in the amount of:

1st Place – $100

2nd Place – $75

3rd Place – $50

4th Place – $50

A commemorative plaque will also be awarded to 1st place winner.